In the beginning....
Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach, Florida

HDPBC opened its doors in April of 2013, hit the ground running and never looked back!

If it is related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, parts, service, clothes, rentals, rider classes, etc., then HDPCB has what you need and then some! HDPCB calls itself the world’s friendliest Harley-Davidson dealership and that is an accurate description. There is an active, comfortable guest lounge area with endless cold drinks and popcorn. In fact, there are guest lounge areas in several places and the famous Adirondack chairs along both fronts of the dealership that invite customers to sit and visit with each other. Special events and rallies are part of the norm here, anything to enhance the motorcycling experience...and that meant establishing a HOG Chapter!

Randy Welter
First General Manager

Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach, FL

Jim Dinges

Charter Director

In the beginning...
Panama City Beach HOG Chapter #3361

The Charter Members of Panama City Beach HOG Chapter #3361 are grateful to Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach for bringing the dealership to life on April 20, 2013. The opportunity to establish a new HOG chapter was both exciting and challenging! The HOG chapter came to fruition and had its first gathering in November, 2013, where some brave souls volunteered to become Charter Officers.

Thank you Charter Officers for getting the ball rolling! Click on image below to view our Charter Members at PCB HOG.

Charter Members 2013

                 Charter Officers                  

  • Director    -    Jim Dinges
  • Asst Director    -    Bob McNally
  • Secretary    -    John Marshall
  • Treasurer    -    Jeff Darway
  • Activities Officer    -    Jose Ferraioli
  • Ladies of Harley     -    Kat McCarthy
  • Membership Officer    -    Paul Barker
  • Senior Road Captain    -     Mark Manley
  • Asst Road Captain    -    Joey Tripp
  • Safety Officer    -    Ed Penton
  • Merchandising Officer    -    Rick Solots
  • Editor    -    Doc McCarthy